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Cognitive Capacities in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

little girl playing paintsPrecious Moments Christian Academy offers your child quality child care programs that will serve as a foundation as they step up to the next level of formal education. We consider your child’s unique age, abilities and needs in every program we provide and always ensure that they are given the best care they deserve during this early stage of childhood education in our preschool in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Below are the programs we offer:

Infant Care (6 weeks – 12 months)
We take exceptional care of your infants the very best way you do. We allow your young ones to explore their personal interests and potentials in a safe, spacious and regularly cleaned infant classroom where they can freely play, wander, roll and crawl. Along with our experienced infant teachers, we will update you with regard to the progress of your child.

Toddler (13 months – 36 months)
Precious Moments Christian Academy caters to the learning needs of toddlers. Our toddler program aims to further develop your child’s growing curiosity and interests for learning. We provide age-appropriate toys and learning materials as well as various activities such as reading, plays, storytelling, music and art.

Preschool (37 months – 5 years young)
Our Preschool program at Precious Moments Christian Academy focuses on your child’s readiness for school success. Art, music, gym, movement, yoga, foreign language and library are integrated into the curriculum. Academic subjects such as reading, language arts and science are integrated through the use of the common core curriculum and field trips. Moreover, social activities are also offered as these are vital for their communication and social advancement.

Wildcat Summer Day Camp (5 years – 13 years young)
Wildcat Camp is a science, nature based camp full of discovery and adventure for seven weeks. Students will explore the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area from a bug’s eye view and gain an appreciation for all living things big and small. Each week students explore new habitats, hike over 11 trails, fishing natural streams, swimming and mountain climbing!

Before & After School Program
At Precious Moments Christian Academy, we provide the best combination of learning and fun by turning your child’s before and after school hours into another time for learning. We offer academically-enriched activities that will make their before and after school time more meaningful and rewarding. We provide homework assistance, arts and crafts, music, computer lessons, outdoor and indoor activities and dramatic play.

If you want to learn more about our day care programs, please feel free to speak to one of our staff at 570-213-0913. You can also forward your concerns and inquiries by using our online contact form.


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We promise to nurture the love for learning and the importance of human character.

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