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The Role of Music in Child Development

The Role of Music in Child Development

Precious Moments Christian Academy has been a trusted DayCare in Pennsylvania. Preparing your child for the future is our goal. This vision starts early through activities designed to discover their full potentials.

Every day in your chosen Preschool in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, children across different age groups get to join in activities that are apt for their age. Your child is monitored and guided by our team of highly engaged and highly trained teachers.

One of our programs includes music activities to improve a child’s learning. As humans are sensitive to sound patterns, music fosters imagination, and communication in children. Children are good listeners and they reflect how much they can listen to through repeating phrases and even the incomprehensible babble. Listening to tunes improves a child’s focus on sounds. This listening skill is important for better communication.

Music can also be an expression of feelings. Children can identify with tones that make them happy or excited. This form of expression is crucial in shaping their artistic potential.

Related activities in music can be seen as social events. At home, the family can do some bonding moments through music. At the child care center, they can do it with other kids. Social skills are very important to develop and children can start interacting with one another through the same activity.

Let your child find joy in music through our programs. As a child-centered preschool in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, we provide a safe and positive learning environment as well as highly-trained teachers who can be your trusted partner for your child’s overall development. Call us now to know more!

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